These are fellow researchers that have provided invaluable help over the years.

Moffat Family

  • Walton, Mary Louise Young nee Moffat 3rd cousin of Rick. In 1998 she provided a copy of her research. At that time she was Mary Louise Young, a widow, and she has remarried since that time.

White Family / Grey County

  • Allen, Gladys nee Hudson a 4th cousin, a member of the Vamplew family, she sent me an extensive hand-written family tree in 2001.
  • Flynn, Ada Lavina nee Johnston (1900-2001) Author of a 1974 Johnston Family Tree with 1984 updates including two of Grandma Moffat's sisters, Elizabeth and Susie.
  • Sine, Phyllis a 1st cousin, 1 time removed. You have to see her letters from the 1960's to believe them. She wrote on every available surface, including the inside of the envelope.

Renfrew County

  • Panke, Jean nee Yourth (1936-2009). A 3rd cousin, 1 time removed who lived in Ottawa. She shared a lot of Yourth family information with me.

Kreutzer Family